Our Team

Doug Hock

Senior Director

Doug brings more than two decades of crisis communications, issues management, stakeholder relations, and media relations experience to his role at GFM|CenterTable. He served as media spokesman for an international mining company and has held key media positions at a major oil and gas exploration and production company. Doug has helped his clients navigate crises/issues such as environmental incidents, regulatory issues and labor disputes. He brings a broad range of experience in helping clients develop communications strategy to manage reputation risk.

Born and raised in Metro Denver, a third generation Colorado native
Drake University
Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis
Coffee black – hot and strong!

Extroverted introvert

Doug considers himself an “extroverted introvert.” He enjoys participating in a variety of volunteer community activities, but his perfect day would be sitting at home reading, or watching a baseball game.

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Rebecca Scanlan

Senior Director

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Tracey Zeeck

Senior Director

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Kristina Reilly

Founding Partner

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Nancy Shloss

Senior Director