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Emily Port

Senior Director of Communications

Emily is an insightful, results-driven brand builder. She has spent her career helping corporations, public relations firms and nonprofits create relationships with diverse audiences through community relations, social media and grassroot efforts. She thrives under pressure and is known for her crisis communication and issues management work. Her work in the crisis arena overlaps extensively with her social media expertise. She brings a wide array of experience from her tenure at two local agencies. Her clients have included Alta Colleges, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Trinity College
Wilco, unless NPR is streaming live
Tanzanian coffee with milk or ginger turmeric tea

Straight shooter, client advocate with wit

Emily grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you don’t know Emily (and you really should), you have yet to experience her passion for everything from politics to family and friends to life in general. Her vociferous laughter, her inability to follow the posted speed limit and her propensity to pepper her vocabulary with words that might make a sailor blush exemplify her joie de vivre. In addition to her fabulous work, Emily enjoys spending her rare spare time with her husband, their two daughters and beloved pooch, Roux, who is possibly a dingo.

Recent Posts

Three Sneaky Reporter Tactics And Tips For How To Respond

For many corporate spokespeople, the prospect of facing an antagonistic reporter can cause long, sleepless nights and even longer media training sessions. But in reality these reporters should be no more difficult to work with than friendly reporters. You just need to some insight into their inner workings so you are well prepared to meet them head on. Check out these three tricks reporters use to get spokespeople to say more than they want and how to make sure you are ready to deal with them.

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