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Nancy Shloss

Senior Director

Nancy Shloss has more than 25 years of PR experience spanning health care, consumer, nonprofit and sports marketing industries. Over the course of her career, she has worked with national and local brands to generate valuable coverage across all types of media and has designed and executed launch events. Nancy has earned placements for clients in national publications such as USA Today, BusinessWeek, ESPN SportsCenter, Sports Illustrated and CNN.com. Her clients include the likes of Children’s Hospital Colorado, SCL Health, City and County of Denver, Qdoba, Warrior Games, Old Chicago, Earth Balance, First Responders Foundation, Mad Greens and Door to Door Organics.

Denver, Colorado
University of Colorado at Boulder
Anything from the 80s

Positive and energetic team player

Nancy grew up in Denver. As a child, she envisioned her sophisticated, grown-up self seated squarely behind a television anchor desk, with a head full of perfectly placed hair, seriously delivering the nightly news. She traded in that dream early on for a decidedly less public life, behind the scenes in public relations. Her very first job was relating directly with the public at the Denver Zoo. A child of the 80s, she can still be found bouncing around to Cyndi Lauper tunes—which makes sense since she has three girls and a great husband. She enjoys spending time with them above all else.

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