Volunteer Opportunities

Many smaller Colorado nonprofits rely on volunteers to help carry out their missions but are currently encountering a volunteer resources crunch.

If you are healthy and interested in helping out, either in person or by providing professional services remotely, see oportunities below.

A Precious Child

A Precious Child is on the frontlines providing our families with emergency hygiene kits, baby essential kits and cleaning kits and still providing clothing through mini distribution events. We are only allowing 10 volunteers onsite at a time and all volunteers are practicing social distancing with stations being 6ft. apart and volunteers are required to wear gloves.

Each day tasks are changing as we are sporadically receiving supplies. Volunteer tasks will include sorting clothing donations, cleaning the facility, assembling supplies and emergency kits or other things as needed based upon the need of the day/shift you have signed up for.

All volunteers are being directed to sign up online through this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4caea622a7fc1-aprecious1

Bead for Life


Bead for Life empowers women in Uganda to earn income through creating beads from recycled paper. We’ve been in Boulder for about 15 years (our founders are a mother/daughter duo). With COVID-10 hitting, our income streams have collapsed. Our scenario is a bit different than other orgs, as we operate on “earned income” by selling at events, selling at BeadParties (home party), wholesale retailers and more. We are able to do some online sales, but with the recommendation of only essential businesses being open, we are only shipping product 1X per week (and haven’t shipped for the past few weeks).

Our opportunities right now are thinking creatively about how to drive online sales. Some of the initiatives we are working on are:
-Virtual BeadParties (ZOOM parties) that direct people to online ordering
-Kids Activities (we have a globally-minded curriculum)
-Crafting Activités at home with DIY instructions and our “loose beads”
-Every day, we have a new idea that we hope can keep us alive.

Contact information:
Amy Yanda-Lee
Executive Director

Colorado CASA

Colorado CASA is a network of 18 programs across the state. These programs range from serving a few children to hundreds, and have from one staff member to over 30. They encompass metro and rural areas, children and families of all ethnicities and financial positions, and handle challenges of geography and resources across the state. A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) receives special training and is appointed by a Judge as an Officer of the Court.

CASA programs have already been busy providing volunteers with policies and procedures for working with children and families during the COVID-19 outbreak, creative ideas on spending time with children virtually, and information about resources in their communities to support families. Supports during times of needs and caring adults are proven risk factors that buffer against adverse childhood experiences. To learn more about becoming a volunteer click here.

Contact information:
960 Clarkson Street, Denver, CO 80218

Haven of Hope


Haven of Hope provides food, shelter, clothing, counseling, rehabilitation and hygienic services to the homeless. Many of our regular volunteers are elderly and need to stay at home until this crisis passes so any able bodied volunteers would be appreciated. If interested please contact Ondrea Trahan at otrahan@thoh.org to schedule to find out what opportunities to volunteer are available.

Our current needs are:
Bags for sack lunches – grocery bags work well (they call them T-shirt bags)
Sandwich bread
Lunch meat
Snacks and chips
**Bottled Water
**Hand Sanitizer (We are completely out)
**Masks (reusable would be nice)
Food service gloves
Cleaning gloves
Sliced cheese
Laundry detergent
Fabric Softener

Florence Crittenton

Florence Crittenton Services pioneered a nationally recognized trauma-responsive two-generation program model that helps teen families break the cycle of poverty through education, health and wellness, and economic and social asset building. They have launched a COVID-19 Impact Support page that is full with ways to stay connected with FloCrit. Send a note of positivity to a FloCrit teen mom. Be a virtual volunteer like MonaLisa, who kicked off our virtual story time, Literacy in the Living Room, last Thursday by reading Quick as a Cricket on Facebook Live for everyone. Literacy in the Living Room is every Tuesday and Thursday and is already a big hit with our moms and their kids, who are excited to see familiar faces.

Contact Information:
96 South Zuni Street,
Denver, CO 80223

Food Bank of the Rockies


Food Bank of the Rockies works to provide food security for those from low-income backgrounds, and are working to continue providing that access during the outbreak, especially for those who will be going without wages. Food Bank of the Rockies has an immediate need for volunteers, so that we can continue providing food assistance to our community and partners. With uncertainty around work and pay during this pandemic, volunteers are more critical than ever in our ability to respond. To learn more about volunteering click here.


Foster Together

When a crisis hits, children in foster care (and their families) tend to fall to the bottom of the list. A friendly, consistent Foster Neighbor can provide personal, practical support to change that! We guide our Virtual Neighbors as you build a supportive relationship with a family in need, without leaving the safety of your home. Apply here.  Or read more on Foster Together’s tips on helping families in crisis.

Contact information:
Hope Forti
Foster Together


Integrated Family Community Services (IFCS)


IFCS is a small, Englewood non-profit providing groceries to low-income families in the Denver community, and need financial donations to continue their efforts. With monetary support, the organization can continue to stock their shelves and provide detailed care to each family receiving groceries from their location. In addition, healthy volunteers are welcome.

Contact information:
3370 South Irving Street, Englewood, CO 80110-1816
Phone: 303-789-0501

Metro Caring


Healthy and looking to volunteerWe have asked volunteers with medical conditions that place them in a high-risk category (older adults or people who have a serious chronic medical condition like heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease) to please stay home. Metro Caring needs volunteers who can spend 3-4 shifts per week with us.

Our goal is to have fewer volunteers who can work multiple shifts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 resulting from group gatherings. If you’re:

  • under 60 and don’t have a medical condition that places you in a high-risk category, or
  • over 60 and healthy, with permission from your medical provider,

Please contact Deena Duwaik with your availability and she will assist with scheduling.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We will continue to be here for you and are grateful that you are here for us.

Contact information:
Deena Duwaik
1100 East 18th Avenue, Denver CO 80218

The Bridge Project


The Bridge Project—a free after-school and tutoring program reduces educational barriers and improves academic and behavioral outcomes for young people living in Denver public housing communities. During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need is greater than ever to continue to support low-income youth. Help us navigate this challenging time and increase protective factors in young people’s lives through virtual opportunities.

Contact Information:
Phuong Phan


Urban Peak


Urban Peak of Denver has been working to support Denver’s youth homeless through programming outreach and shelters and guide them to self-sufficiency. There are multiple immersive and donation-based ways to help Urban Peak during this time, and their website provides detailed options.

Sign up to be an emergency meal preparation volunteer. In the coming days, they may need support packing and delivering sack meals to youth in housing who are struggling with food insecurity. They are not there yet, but that may become a need in the next few days or weeks. Packing lunches or preparing boxes of food for one of the 110 youth in housing can be done from the security of your own home and delivered to their programs.



Donating blood through Vitalant is crucial at this time when COVID-19 is causing a shortage of donors. If you are healthy and have been tested for COVID-19, consider finding a location near you and giving blood to those who desperately need it during the outbreak.