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Maura O’Neal

Senior Director

Maura is an outstanding, passionate communicator who cares deeply about the work she does and dedicates herself to organizations whose missions serve the greater good. This is what attracted her to GFM|CenterTable (or was it that her favorite hangout is neighboring Coors Field?). She spent the first 10 years of her career at agencies, and the past eight working as the Media Relations & Communications Manager at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where she was responsible for keeping the museum’s exhibitions, research and programs top of mind through earned media, crisis communications, executive communications and the quarterly membership magazine, “Catalyst.”

Maura works with Children’s Hospital Colorado, City and County of Denver Office of Social Equity and Innovation, Colorado League of Charter Schools, and Caplan & Earnest. Her passion is writing and she credits her first and toughest editor for her growth as a writer and overall communicator. That editor was her mother, who, as a lawyer, taught Maura the value of a sound strategy and being precise in all communication. Maura loves seeing the impact of a campaign she contributed to changing people’s lives for the better.

Louisville, CO
Colorado State University (bachelor's in liberal arts), University of Leicester (study abroad), University of Colorado – Boulder (master’s in journalism)

Strategize. Communicate. Execute.

In her free time, she is always up for an outdoor adventure. She spends her spare time reading or getting creative with knitting and crochet. Maura holds a certificate in crisis communications from PRSA, serves as trustee for The Christian Foundation, and sits on the board of directors for The STEAD School.

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Rebecca Scanlan

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